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A sport or a way of life?

Brian Athey Tuesday November 16th was an historic day for Argentine football fans.  The two most popular teams (La Boca Juniors & River) played in the annual Superclasico.  This derby match has been called the most passionate football game on the planet by the British Newspaper The Observer.  The Superclasico is a furious and passionate […]


Choripán-A savory addiction

Hi, my name is Brian and I’m addicted to choripán.  I can remember my first choripán like it was yesterday.  I had been shopping for bombillas in La Boca and while looking out at the “splendor” of the Riachuelo I smelled something glorious.  I walked toward a barbeque pit like a zombie after fresh flesh […]


Drinking like a Porteño

Brian Athey Truth be told, Argentines aren’t as renowned for their drinking of alcohol as other cultures. And when massive drinking does happen it’s usually with a select mixture of libations.  The most local blend is FERNET & COCA COLA-which even has it’s own facebook fan page (  Most “extranjeros” under 55 have probably never […]