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A sport or a way of life?

Brian Athey Tuesday November 16th was an historic day for Argentine football fans.  The two most popular teams (La Boca Juniors & River) played in the annual Superclasico.  This derby match has been called the most passionate football game on the planet by the British Newspaper The Observer.  The Superclasico is a furious and passionate […]

How much should you pack?

Brian Athey When flying to Buenos Aires, it’s important to contemplate what to pack and plan ahead.  Do you really need extra pair of sandals or that fun floppy hat you only wear while drinking whiskey?  Do I have space for bringing gifts back, and if so, how much will those gifts weight?  The consequences […]


Drinking like a Porteño

Brian Athey Truth be told, Argentines aren’t as renowned for their drinking of alcohol as other cultures. And when massive drinking does happen it’s usually with a select mixture of libations.  The most local blend is FERNET & COCA COLA-which even has it’s own facebook fan page (  Most “extranjeros” under 55 have probably never […]